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Meyer Snow Plows


3 YEARS on all components. *
5 YEARS on all structural steel. *

Take $200.00 off your complete plow package now through November 30th.

Complete plow package’s starting at $3831.00 (includes promotion discount)
It’s your job to get snow and ice out of the way. Don’t be left in the cold by old, unreliable equipment. Get Meyer, the hottest name in snow and ice removal. Meyer has been making top-quality snowplows and spreaders since 1926. No one’s been doing it longer or better than Meyer.

Choose from a full line of Meyer snowplows. From light-duty to big-city plows. Original steel or no-stick polyethylene. Meyer has them. And they’re all backed with the Meyer full two-year warranty. Or with an online registration @ www.meyerproducts.com you'll receive the new ROC Solid Extended Warranty which gives you an additional year on all components and 5-years on structual steel.


The Meyer Drive Pro™ steel plow is uniquely designed for use on smaller vehicles like SUV's or light pickups. This allows maneuverability in tight spaces such as driveways or anywhere there is a limited amount of space. A smaller vehicle also means gas savings for you.


Introducing the new contractor plow from Meyer, the Lot Pro™. Designed for contractors who take pride in a cleared surface that looks like it is summertime, the Lot Pro features the tallest and most aggressive contractor class moldboard on the market. With a 32" height and 75-degree attack angle, the new Lot Pro delivers better overall clearing performance in less time. The attack angle also allows for better back dragging. Supporting this taller more aggressive moldboard is totally redesigned "black iron" consisting of a heavy-walled, tubular-steel A-frame and push bar. This improved design has been simplified to create a stronger plow at key pressure zones and more evenly distributes the load. . The Lot Pro's moldboard is also easily interchangeable with other recently made Meyer moldboards including the Meyer Super-V and Diamond Edge bottom-trip plows.


The Road Pro® Full-Trip and Bottom-Trip municipal snowplows are the most robust and most versatile plows in the Meyer® line-up. At 10' wide, 36" tall, they are the perfect match for 23,000–33,000 lb. GVW municipal trucks. Combine the high performance of the Meyer 10' Road Pro® Plow and our MDV Municipal Spreader, and get the most flexible and reliable municipal snow and ice control package available. Also, the Meyer E-70 Out-Front Hydraulics can turn a vehicle without central hydraulics into a snowplowing vehicle.


Versatility At The Touch Of A Button
Meyer Products' second generation Super-V multi-position plow, the Super-V2, offers aggressive styling and incredible plowing performance. It has a 70-degree attack angle and a steel blade that tapers from 38” to 30.5”. Available in 8.5’ and 9.5’ lengths, the Super-V2 provides excellent snow rolling and throwing action similar to that of a highway plow.

When you want the convenience of a "V" blade, scoop blade or straight blade, you want the Meyer Super V2. Our exclusive one-button controller lets you put the plow in just about any configuration. The dual acting cylinders lock the blade so you can back drag snow in any blade position. Also available is the Meyer Super-V, our standard v-plow, available in 8.5’ and 9.5’ lengths.

Double-Acting Cylinders
Why pay for a lock-out system when you don’t have to? Back drag snow more efficiently than ever with our standard locking double-acting cylinders. Going forward or backward, just set the angle you want and the blade position is locked.

Trip-Edge Design
Unlike competitive models, all Super-Vs have trip-edge moldboards. This means that no matter how the moldboards are configured, only the lower portion of the blades give way so the entire load is not lost. Not only does the trip-edge make plowing more efficient, it also absorbs and dissipates the shock caused by obstructions saving wear and tear on the driver, truck and plow.

Upper and Lower Deflectors
Exclusive upper sealed center deflector, along with optional wing deflectors keep snow and ice off your windshield. Standard lower sealed center deflector never leaves snow trails behind, so there is no mess to clean-up afterwards.