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Pump repair and rebuild

Meyer Snow Plow and Taylor Rental Cortland Ohio are teaming up to provide you with high quality and economical pump rebuild options. Chose from multiple packages:

Value Package - $185.00

• Includes New O-Rings, New Lift Ram Packing Cup, New Lift Ram Wiper Seal, New Nylock nuts on Lift Ram, Tanks Studs, and Pump Studs, hone Lift Cylinder to remove rust, adjust Pump output pressure as necessary, Leak-Down Test of Lift Ram, blow out all passageways, Clean all filter screens, set Crossover Relief Pressure, Dismantle and clean motor, check for worn parts and corrosion, test all functions on our Plow Pump Test Stand based on OEM Specs, check Motor Amperage draw.
• Any additional issues that need to be addressed will be reviewed with the customer.

Add-on Options:

• New Couplers - Add $75.61
• New Paint and Stickers - Add $85.00
• All New Eletronics (A, B, & C Coils – Add $166.00


Before Pump is Re-installed angle rams must be flushed. The system needs to be flushed when installing a rebuilt pump. Otherwise water and debris in the rams will contaminate the pump. We will not warranty a pump rebuild that has water contamination.

Common parts that need to be replaced:

• C Valve
• Crossover relief Valve
• Couplers
• Filters
• Rusted/Pitted Rams
• Motor

When shipping a pump to us you must print, complete and include our rebuild form.

Package pump and send to:
Taylor Rental / Meyer Snow Plow
2420 Elm RD.
Cortland, Ohio 44410

Typically shipping via UPS Ground costs about $25 - $35 each way.


Approx. Weight


35 pounds


36 pounds


44 pounds


45 pounds


51 pounds


52 pounds

Pack the unit securely so it can't move around in the box. This will help prevent damage in shipping. Pack your pump using a sturdy box! Utilize bubble wrap balled up. Be sure to double up, or triple up cardboard inside the walls of the box where the lift ram will press against the wall, and the Acorn nut on the side
Receive your pump back in 7-14 days